About Us

Meet Pooja

If you want to talk fashion, Pooja is always ready!     

Raised in Bombay, India, Pooja was taught the value of hard work and family through her parents. She grew up marveling at designs she found in magazines and replicated them and loved to add her own personal touch; seeing her unique creations would always make her so proud. Pooja spent many days going into the city with her mother where she could buy fabric from distributors, shop around various stores, and chat with local boutique owners. These excursions always lead to Pooja creating her own one-of-a-kind designs. Pooja figured out at a young age that it is best to learn through experience and has been working in fashion – whether it be working pop ups, modelling, or eventually opening her own boutique – ever since.

Pooja always dreamed of opening a boutique that would bring color, confidence, and happiness into women’s lives. Pooja never settles in complacency and the unique pieces that she finds for Pooja Boutique mirrors that. You can’t walk into Pooja Boutique without seeing Pooja, she even shows parts of her soul through her store displays. Pooja hopes that everyone who comes into Pooja Boutique finds that perfect piece of clothing that puts a smile on their face. 

Cheers to all of the friends that help make Pooja Boutique such a special place!